Honest list of me

i really like Stussy, i just do
i have always wanted to live in Califonia
i love LA, just hate the expat brit scene
one day i want to own a Shelby Mustang
i need, to be hugged by my wife every morning
i need to make love, often
i like doing nothing as much as i do being hectic, i just hate the *in between* bit
i’m very black and white ~ no grey areas
i don’t fuck people around, and they don’t fuck me over either
i like to flirt, with clients
i once slept, with a client
my career blossomed when i got fired, and went freelance
i hate writing briefs, but make a point of always reading them
being a creative, is not as much fun as it was back in 1989
i have never entered an awards
i never will
i believe we can make a difference, and try to do so every day
i love my wife, she’s so dam sexy!
i need to eat chilli every day
i don’t like pushing pixels
i really don’t like tourist
i really don’t like dishonest people
and to be really honest
i don’t like list

this was inspire by this

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