Why Virgin will be the winning Brand…?!

~ after the recession

Virgin have been really putting out some big old TV ads recently, to both critical acclaim and some good figures too, most of all for “25 years“ that really did not need the ”and still red hot“

Virgin ~ are buying they’re way out of the recession, about the smartest thing a Brand can do, as there is overwhelming research that shows Brands that who continue to advertise during a recession end up on the other side in better times ~ the winners over they’re competitors, by a long shot.

~ so here we are…

and yet another big TV ad

I saw this for the first time last night, live and in my sitting room ~ the way ads must always be seen ~ not in a viewing theatre in Soho, with an introduction from the ECD. My wife, a very media savvy lady said a very astute thing over a large glass of wine: “there’s no fucking way, I’d get my self all dolled up in the toilet of a train ~ they are just too disgusting” this led to more wine, and so we flicked the AppleTV over to YouTube so we could see the ‘Booty Train’ again ~ more discussion and yet a few more thoughts raised

~ so she’s of to see here boyfriend, so she draws a heart shape on the window ~ after receiving a txt from her said boyfriend she then goes and checks out the farmer blokes…. “nice so she’s a slut too” said my wife…

only to share the moment with the “trolly dolly” ~ “Champaign spraying all over ~ god thats a sex cliché” said my wife…

then we both LOVE the other girls on the platform sing along ~ nice touch, make you as the viewer feel involved as at this point your most likely singing along in your head…

then the train, goes into the heart shaped tunnel at which point > “this has to have been done by men, it’s so fucking over the top with the whole cock thing, okay i get it she’s off for a dirty weekend ~ but trains can never be as sexy as airplanes…., said my wife…

~ at which point She nailed it

~ Trains are never as Sexy as Airplanes

~ and thats where the Ad, found it’s Achilles heal, as every idea / concept has one

~ it just took a 20 something woman with a media degree, a glass of wine & YouTube to find it’s Achilles heal

~ or did it, I feel very assured that we all make these discussion in our own heads all the time, as consumers with or without media degrees or glasses of wine for that matter….

~ So the moral of this here little rant????

> don’t underestimate the consumer, just cos as an Advertising wanker you think your not one ~ you so very much are my friend!

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