Blast from the past: Adobe Illustrator ’88

For you Adobe Jockies out there, Adobe’s Blog takes us back to 1988 and the dawn of vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator.  John Warnock demos his new creation.
For our “younger” users, John Warnock, together with Chuck Geschke, was one of the founders of Adobe Systems.



The rest of the videos below:
Meet Adobe Illustrator 88

  • Part 1/5 – Introduction and Demo on how to create art using a scanned drawing as a template. [00:06:20]
  • Part 2/5 – Demo on how to create a drawing from scratch without scanned template. [00:07:27]
  • Part 3/5 – The Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. John Warnock starts with: “Now is the time for you to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator”. [00:07:25]
  • Part 4/5 – The Adobe Illustrator Tutorial (continued). [00:05:47]
  • Part 5/5 – The Adobe Illustrator Tutorial (continued). [00:06:36]

If you want to know more about the history of Adobe Systems…..
Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story

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