Dropular.net ~ “media bookmarking”

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yet another in the “media bookmarking” sites along with http://ffffound.com/

the big difference is the rate and diversity of the work going up, sometimes http://ffffound.com/
feels just too kool for skool for it’s own sake, and you know when your working with a designer
who has looked through it in the morning at they’re desk over soy & granola , that after the briefing
you’ve just spend weeks going over all the strategy & planning for them into a great brief, will alas
not be read, just a “mood” board of images lifted from http://ffffound.com/ cut n pasted into a PDF…

this just aint good enough…

so, for this & this alone http://www.dropular.net is so much better, get in there peoples, and start
adding bazar shit, so all those who keep feeding from the same trough, feeding it up the line to a
client who either doesn’t care or just doesn’t know any better…

http://www.dropular.net/own/gilesphelps/ as i’m also a contributor, os said “bazar shit” & sorry to say
some “too kool for skool” stuff as well, i blame Kate Banazi, Rexbox & Kate Gibb for those…

something then, just can’t be undone….


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