Sofa Surfers

My very cool friend Rex aka REXBOX had this to share, so i’m reposting it, cos i wanna…!?

ps…”if you think this would make a great idea for an Ad, pls turn to the link above: and get Rex involved! pls don’t just take the idea and think you’ve made it your own….”

Some very brave friends decided to supply alcohol and pens to all of us that came to their housewarming party to decorate their sofa. Here’s some photos of its development/deterioration. I like the photo of me, Nicky and Cookie each beavering away on different cushions – wish I’d worn a single coloured t-shirt too, my plaid ruins the composition!

I really need a haircut, Nicky nearly used-up a whole Sharpie pen trying to draw my portrait…

[From Sofa Surfers]

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