Glitchy not so niche, any more?

I created a pice, glitch and tranmisssion based audio visual projection called “Insert Viewing Card” at a bar in Soho call Circus, it’s gone now and so has the piece… i know hundreds a week got to see it for over a year… is this the result?

I’m not alone, hell ~ Bill Viola was doing shit like this with magnets against a VHS recorder whilst he rerecorded images over images…

so > i leave it to you….

we may well see lot more this ‘Data Moshing’ effect this year, so I might as well post this now.

You’ve probably already seen Kanye’s new video using the effect.

Jez Burrows

If you do want to give it a try check out Jez Burrows’ work, has been experimenting with the look for a while.


There’s a dedicated Flickr Pool about Glitch Art for you to get ideas

stick your URL in the Glitchbrowser and it does it all the work for you.

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