Duffy does Coke and DIES! { updated }

okay, so she’s not really dead…but after this, her career is…

but, for the love of god, why oh why did this piece of crap even get past the top line idea stage….

I’m just fucked off to be 3/4 Welsh and after this heap of staming poo i’m exstracting my Welsh blood and adding coke, the real stuff in a little wrap, given to me by the creative team that have already snorted most of it, i’ll just lick the dust off the toilet bowl, as this would still be even better had the Agency just got Duffy to do > this

here she is joining the ranks of fading pop stars who have worked & died on Coke….

this now in via CR blog: from the gobs of creative team that made it…

“It used to be about girls using their breaks to ogle construction workers, but now they’ve got better things to do than sit around and wait for semi-naked men,” say the Mother creative team. “Diet Coke’s now about inspiring women to take control and do the right thing for themselves.

Urm…. right, glad thats been made clear, duff idea + fading pop star + mothers ruin = creative rationale…

well after that, how doe you feel?!

want to go for a bike ride on some twats fixie from horeditch, around a supermarket?! > does that you feel like your doing “right thing for yourself”….?

NO! you want to KILL DUFFY and all who worked on this Ad

Hell, better still NEVER drink Coke again because of this

But I will clean my TOILET with it…

please feel free to add you suggestions for the next Duffy ad?

roller skating through a mine field for Tampax?

comment people comment!!!!

there may even be a prize in it for the best one….oooooh…

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