All Work and No Play… makes Jack…

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Beyond the supernatural leanings of “The Shining,” it serves up a powerful study of the madness that consumes author Jack Torrance as he struggles with the realization that he has nothing more to say – we know, heavy stuff. Now imagine that his famous line repeated ad infinitum wasn’t an exercise in futility, but the musings of a brilliant mind instead.

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Given the untimely demise met by the author at the Overlook Hotel, the irony of this notion is almost too much to consider, but if someone thought to publish that manuscript would you buy it? Thanks to artist Phil Buehler, Torrance’s only completed novel, the appropriately named “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” is available to purchase for the first time over at Blurb. And you can decide for yourself what deeper meaning, if any, to attach to his words.

my only problem with this “digital” version is it needs way more pages, way more…Kubrick had his secretary type up oner 300 pages for the original prop, even if we only see just a few in the final shot

Preview the book here and watch a scene from the film showing the manuscript’s discovery here

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