what (or who) is Aka-Aki?

Aka-Aki is a wonderful mobile social networking platform that tracks your movements and detects the presence of other members. After downloading the mobile application, users establish a profile online, where contact information and personal interests are displayed through public ‘”stickers” – members can also form and join groups with other members.

As members go about their day, the system constantly monitors their location and seeks out other members. When another Aka-aki member is detected via Bluetooth, both users are sent a list of mutual friends and interests – they are also able see how many times they’ve previously encountered each other. Users are also able to display status messages telling people what they’re doing at that moment and have the ability to communicate directly with other users.

And because the system also leverages mobile telephone networks, wi-fi hotspots, and GPS, depending on what is available, users can look back on their archived history and reconnect with everyone they met (consciously or unconsciously).

Their privacy settings are also quite nice. Users have the ability to pick and choose what information they want to display and can create ’stickers’ that can only be seen by other members who wear the same stickers. For instance, your sexual orientation can only be shared with others of the same orientation.

The system is free and works with almost all new phones.


[From Archiving Your Life & Acting on Missed Opportunities]


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