free groove, from the Armada

I’m mixed, about how i feel about this… pls help by adding your opinion via the comments:


Groove Armada is offering its fans free music, in return for sharing tracks with their friends…. all a bit MGM… member get member… for me… anyhow here is how it’s supposed to work:

From 2 March the band’s new EP will be available both through commercial outlets such as iTunes, but until then then the first track is available for free, from the Bacardi-sponsored, provided you are over the legal drinking age.

Anyone who downloads the free track can then share it with friends via email, Facebook or a web widget. The system will tot up how many times the track is shared, including instances where a friend passes the track on to one of their contacts, and once the number of shares reaches 20, the original downloader gets the second track on the EP for free. After 200 shares of the first track, the third becomes available. For the final track on the EP to be released, the original will have to have been passed on 2,000 times. As a further incentive to use the service, share numbers will also unlock access to Bacardi B-Live events.

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