my 47 minutes inside a networked agency

okay first off, it really has been a while & I’m sorry dear readers Last week, I got a rather excited phone call form a recruiter, a very good recruiter at that. He said I may have an opportunity for you at (leave blank) they wanted me to go over there this afternoon, my initial […]

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Big news, holiday & laterz

So, my friends: it’s been too frack’n long But, here I am with a post. To tell you that ~ • I’m off on holiday • I’ve been working way too hard • When I get back: I will have a big anoucement to make 🙂 • Enjoy my site till all resumes….?!

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random thoughts, ideas, inspiration & general web deliciousness from a senior creative departmental head kinda guy, working in london with great agencies, who are very kool but these are my views & not theirs so have your beef with me…

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